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Why Add Seeds to Bread?

Here at Inked Organics, it’s our mission to offer the world delicious, healthy bread. From our famous Rosie’s sourdough to our tasty Cinna’ Seeds, our breads are packed with only the best ingredients for your sandwich-making needs. We don’t simply aim for the...

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How to Make a Fresh Caprese Sandwich

Italian food is delicious all year round, but the classic Caprese sandwich really shines during the summer months. With vine-ripened tomatoes, garden-fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella layered on Inked Organics Sourdough bread-- it doesn’t get much better than this!...

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Easy Hot Chicken and Waffles At Home

Nashville’s famous hot chicken and waffles are world-renowned! Spicy, crispy chicken strips served atop piping hot waffles, with sauce for days--it’s a match made in food-pairing heaven! Here at Inked Organics, we have a mouthwatering and oh-so-simple recipe hack to...

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3 Best Vegetarian Sandwiches Right Now

A good sandwich is an essential option for an easy, healthy meal. While many of our favorite sandwiches are of the meat-eating variety, we want to make space at the table (see what we did there?) for a few of the best vegetarian sandwiches around.  Fresh Caprese...

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The Best of The Breakfasteur

When we see a loaf of our favorite Inked Organics Bread, we think “yum!” but when Jessica of The Breakfasteur sees our bread, she sees a masterpiece in the making. A dermatologist by day and a food artist on nights and weekends, she consistently makes impressive,...

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Turkey Brie Sandwich with Cranberry Relish

What is not to love about a classic turkey sandwich on multigrain bread? It’s the gold standard of healthy sandwiches! Healthy bread? Check. Plenty of lean protein? Check. But once you have these essential elements in place, what next? Do you reach for classic cheddar...

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